Travel Day & Day 01 // GSS Training and Install : #helenagetsanupgrade

Travel Day... Yesterday (Sunday, July 23, 2017) we got the trip going and flew up to Nevada City, CA from Orange County, CA. We stopped down in Visalia to grab some fuel and stretch out a little only to find out they had just closed for the day! LOL! So we pressed on to Fresno to re-fuel and get on our way! As you can see below, we had some long, boring desert/Fresno-esq scenery and then some very beautiful forest and mountain range views closer to our destination. Made it to Nevada City Airport about 8:45pm, with about 10 minutes of daylight (twilight) to spare!

Day 01 // First Day with GSS for our hands on training! We got our sweet complimentary hot breakfast (thank you, "Gold Miner's Inn!") and headed down the road to GSS's headquarters. We got the tour, took a look at the (massive! 16ft long!) pole that will hold the gimbal and waisted no time getting our hands dirty with our new system! We got a chance to load the Weapon and our beefy (and o-so-beautiful!) Angēnieux 25-250mm lens in the gimbal. After learning about loads of mechanical parts, boards and screws, we had a pretty clear understanding of just how unbelievable these things are built and operate. Finally, we fired the whole thing up and started to get used to the laptop control board.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow with the team at GSS for some more technical training and the install of the pole/counterweight on the R66! Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap!