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About Us


Make your dreams reality

Rogue Aviation's flight school was born from a desire to see safety, integrity and community placed at the forefront of helicopter flight operations. Based and operating out of Orange County at ACI Jet's West Side Hangars at Santa Ana’s John Wayne Airport (KSNA). Rogue offers helicopter operations in flight training, photo flight tours and professional aerial film production!

Rogue Aviation is owned by Matt Barnes, Brian Byfield and Chief Pilot, James Baker.



safety. integrity. community.
Our Values

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What we value

Rogue Aviation is driven by the constant pursuit of three core values…


Rogue Aviation is relentless in its dedication to putting safety as our number one priority. Through internal processes and our partnership with HeliSafe, Rogue’s flight instructors receive regular safety currency training from some of the top helicopter safety experts in the world. Additionally, Rogue Aviation is dedicated to ensuring that student pilots receive the best safety training available. Placing safety ahead of financial gain, Rogue’s instructors aren’t afraid to let a student pilot know if they just don’t “have what it takes” to be a safe pilot.



Rogue Aviation is committed to integrity in every area of our operations. Whether we’re working with students, tourists or business partners such as ACI or John Wayne Airport, Rogue approaches each relationship with honesty and transparency. With Rogue, there should never be any surprises (at least, not the bad kind!) and we are dedicated to making your experience a positive one!



Rogue Aviation isn’t just committed to being a good neighbor at John Wayne Airport, but to being an active and contributing member of the community! Rogue is dedicated to working alongside airport ops, the FBOs, other flight schools and the other tenants fortunate enough to call John Wayne Airport their home in order to strengthen this incredible community of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.