fly and tour around long beach

Love the OC style and glamour? You won’t want to miss this 35-40 minute tour as we take flight up the coastline to the world famous Queen Mary Ocean Liner at her home in Long Beach. Plus, this tour catches all the fun of Huntington Beach Pier and the beautiful shoreline of Seal Beach!

From John Wayne Airport, you will take one of our Robinson Helicopters. Choose between the Robinson R22 (for one passenger) and the Robinson R44 (for 2-3 passengers). 

Better yet, choose the Deluxe Tour in the Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter (for 2-4 people) and get in-flight snacks, a #FLYROGUE t-shirt, your own set of Rogue Aviation wings and #FLYROGUE stickers included for each passenger!

 R22 (for 1 seat)
 R44 (for 2 seats)
 R44 (for 3 seats)
 R66 DELUXE (for 2 seats)
 R66 DELUXE (for 3 seats)
 R66 DELUXE (for 4 seats)


*There are weight restrictions for each aircraft and flight depending on the amount of people in the aircraft and which you take will alter the weight restriction. Please inquire within if you have any concerns.

*Flight may be rescheduled by Rogue Aviation up to the time of departure due to any concerns with weather or any other safety issues.



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