Taking a Discovery Flight: A First Person Perspective!


As a flight school, Rogue Aviation LOVES to get people up in the air for the first time and give them a taste of the freedom of flying! That’s why we make it easy to experience through our Discovery Flights. What’s a Discovery Flight, you might be asking? (You ask excellent questions!) Instead of just telling you about it, we invited Belinda Carter (Social Media Manager from our sister company, Rogue Creative Development) to take the very first Rogue Aviation Discovery Flight. Afterward, we asked her some questions about the experience so she could tell you about the flight in her own words!

First off, who are you, why do we care and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Belinda! I work for Rogue Aviation’s sister company, Rogue Creative Development. We’re a full service marketing agency and production company. I’m the Social Media manager and I manage the @rogueaviation social accounts!

So, what is a Discovery Flight?

A Discovery Flight is a 30 minute (or 60 minute) flight around Orange County with a Certified Flight Instructor, where you get to be in the Pilot’s seat and get a taste of what it’s like to fly!\

Wait… they let YOU fly the helicopter?

Yeah! Sounds crazy... I know!

Okay! We may have a few more questions about that!

Ha ha! Okay!

First… how would you describe a Discovery Flight?

It’s like… a friendly introduction to flying a helicopter. You get to see all of Orange County’s incredible sights from the sky, learn about all the gadgets in the helicopter and what they do, and how to keep the helicopter steady when you’re in the air! I even got to try out “hovering”… which was a little scary!

Yeah! We’ve heard that’s hard!

I was told it was the hardest skill in all of aviation to learn. But, I nailed it!


No, not really. It really is very difficult!

Who was your Flight Instructor?

James Baker! (Click here to meet James and the rest of the crew!)

So, tell us more about getting to fly the helicopter!

Yes! I got to take over the controls once we were up in the air and after James walked me through all of the essentials.

Were you scared?

At first… yes! But, James is such a great teacher, calm and patient, and he’s able to take over control immediately anyway if anything were to go wrong… but it didn’t!

What is the best thing about the Discovery Flight?

Flying! It was incredible seeing our home from the air and learning more about how to fly was super interesting. I never considered the possibility of being a Pilot before… but after this flight I honestly want to learn more!

Would you fly again?


What would you recommend to someone else taking the Discovery Flight?

Bring your phone or a camera to take pictures, and wear light and comfy clothing!

Where can people go to schedule their own Discovery Flight with Rogue Aviation?

Since it’s my job to post this interview on the site, I’ll make sure there’s a link at the bottom of it!

Ha ha! Good deal! Thanks for sharing your experience!

No problem! Now… can we go fly again???

If YOU want to take a Discovery Flight, contact us today! Find out what it takes to become a Pilot!