Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to eat way too much food and reflect on the things we’re grateful for! (For the purposes of this blog entry, we’re going to focus on the second part.)

Over the course of the past few months, Rogue Aviation has gone from not existing, to serving as a fully functioning company offering aerial video AND helicopter flight training services! This kind of thing doesn’t happen without a lot of support. 

So, to our friends and family, the team at Rogue Creative Development (our sister company), the John Wayne Airport Aviation Community, Dave Lomakin and Regency Air, Rick Francis and Dave Pfeiffer at John Wayne Airport, everyone at ACI Jet, everyone at GSS, the team at Film Supply and anyone else who has supported us in any way…


We’re so excited about everything happening at Rogue Aviation and can’t wait to share about some of the things we’re working on!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!
- Matt, Brian, James and the Rogue Aviation team!