Hello! (Also, introducing #helenagetsanupgrade)

Welcome to Rogue Aviation! We're stoked to have you drop by and get a little insight into our world. We'd also like to take a minute and introduce to our newest endeavor with Rogue Aviation, #helenagetsanupgrade! (Who is Helena? We're glad you asked! Check her out here!)

We have tried everything when it comes to guerrilla style shooting out of a helicopter. Suction mounted GoPros, handheld gimbals for small mirrorless/DSLRs, Ronin/Movi rigs with bigger cameras out the side... and countless other ways of gathering footage from the air. They all work to a certain degree but honestly we just weren't satisfied with the quality we were coming home with. After countless hours of research, we decided that the GSS gimbals made the most sense for our ship and needs. When it comes to weight & balance, payload configurations and reliability, they just can't be beat!

So over the next couple of weeks we'll be filling you in on our process of getting everything dialed in! Everything from setting up our brand new RED Weapon 8K Helium S35 camera and goodies (coming soon!) to traveling up North to Grass Valley, CA and getting our new C516 installed!

Follow along with us in this journey and leave any questions/comments below!