HH-46E History Lesson!


Hello, #FLYROGUE students and pilots! It’s time for a history lesson! Our very own CFI Kevin Major had the opportunity to experience the HH-46E, a former military aircraft turned incredible educational tool for the Vietnam Helicopters Museum.

The star of today’s lesson, the HH-46E, is a search and rescue variant of the Boeing CH-46 “Sea Knight.” Built in 1969 and known as a “phrog” by crewmembers, this beauty also happens to be the youngest of its kind; it was the last one to complete the Department of Defense Airframe RESET Program. Check out a complete history here!

Watch the video above and check out the longer version Kevin created below from his flight in the epic PHROG, a truly rare and special opportunity to experience history!


After operating in Marine Corps Pedro unit out of Cherry Point, North Carolina, it was retired from service in September 2015. Less than a year later, the museum acquired it, completed the necessary maintenance and paperwork, and finally, approved it for flight for its May 26 debut and an incredible tribute at Oak Hill Memorial Park & Cemetery on Memorial Day.


SN: 156476

Minimum Crew: 2

Typical Crew: 4

Empty Weight: 16,830 lbs

Max Gross Weight: 24,300 lbs

Payload: 4,000 lbs

Max Speed (Vne): 145 Knots

Max Cruise: 134 Knots

Engines: 2x GE T58-GE-16A turbo shaft, each producing 1,870 horsepower.

Fuel Capacity: 4,500 lbs, or 660 gallons

Fuel Burn: Average 1,200 lbs/hr, or 180 gallons/hr

Total Length with Rotors Turning: 84.33’

Rotor Diameter: 51’ (each)

Fuselage Length: 45.67’

We’re all big fans of aviation history, so it’s no surprise that Kevin volunteers at the Vietnam Helicopters Museum, a nonprofit at Buchanan Field Airport in Concord, CA. For over a decade, this museum has dedicated itself to operating restored Vietnam-era helicopters to honor veterans, educate the public, and inspire the community through events, demonstrations, and therapeutic flights. We encourage all of you to explore California’s awesome aviation museums and brush up on your history. There are endless stories to discover!

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