Private Pilot Profile: Kevin

Have you met our former student and now CURRENT Private Pilot Kevin Phan? You may have seen him on our Instagram because he’s always making waves and completing major benchmarks in his training! Kevin completed his program with us on November 11, 2018, and we are so excited for him to begin the real journey as a private pilot! Read more about why Kevin wanted to #FlyRogue!

Why are you getting your pilot’s license?

I decided to get my pilot’s license primarily because learning how to fly has always been on my bucket list. I was working long hours and needed to change my week. In addition, I wanted to invest in myself; through my journey of becoming a private pilot, I’ve become more detail-oriented and learned to perform better in stressful situations. Plus, how many people can say they fly helicopters?

What inspires you to fly?

I love to travel and explore new destinations. Flying gives me the opportunity to see the world from a unique, bird’s eye perspective.

Catch more of Kevin on his Instagram @Kevinphanman and ours @rogueaviation!