Safety: Ongoing Training for Rogue CFIs

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This blog entry is part of an ongoing series of blogs dedicated to the safety culture we’re creating here at Rogue Aviation. Read the overview for this series here!

At Rogue Aviation, we strongly believe that a student is only as good as his or her instructor. That’s why we’re pretty picky about who we call Rogue CFIs. We only choose CFIs (Certified Flight Instructors) who are exemplary pilots and great educators who are passionate about safety and excellence. But that’s just what we look for when we’re hiring a CFI. What about after they’re hired?

Even the best pilots can get rusty. Bad habits can creep into routines without us even being aware. That’s why our CFIs undergo continual training.

Several times a year, each Rogue CFI completes a flight with Chief Pilot James Baker. These flights allow our instructors to receive feedback on a regular basis and an outside perspective on areas they can focus on for improvement. This also allows James to teach new skills, techniques or approaches to teaching that our instructors might not be aware of. Ultimately, ongoing, recurring training leads to better and safer instructors which leads to better and safer Pilots-In-Training.

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