Pilot-in-Training Profile: Devin Gee


Meet Devin Gee. He’s working on getting his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) License with us!

Here’s what Devin had to say about why he’s training to become a pilot and what inspires him to fly!


Why are you getting your Pilot’s License?

Well, there are very few moments in my life where I have experienced extreme clarity; so much so, that I can count them all on one hand. Fortunately, one of the most vivid recollections has to do with my journey into aviation. I was fresh out of college in the ever-so-crowded New York City, feeling cramped and claustrophobic, living in basements and small apartments. I was working in the entertainment industry at the time and just didn’t see a clear career path. Unhappy with my situation, I searched for a new career and that is when I found aviation and helicopters. I decided to move out of New York and back to California where I could spread my wings and begin this fun new adventure of learning how to fly helicopters!


What inspires you to fly?

I am inspired most by the people I have been surrounded by thus far in my aviation journey. They have all helped push me towards my goals and helped me achieve great things. They inspire me to be the best version of myself and to always strive to be better. The one thing that continues to motivate me down along this path of aviation is that I know there is a destination and it is one I have never been so satisfied with before!


You can find Devin on Instagram @dgee888 or Devin Gee on Facebook.

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