Rent a Helicopter with Rogue Aviation!

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So, you want to rent a Helicopter?

Are you ready to fly? We not only provide pilot training, but we also rent out our ships too! If you are a Pilot in Training or a licensed pilot that just wants to get up in the air, Rogue Aviation can provide you with the helicopter you need!

How to Rent a Helicopter

The first step toward renting one of our helicopters is contacting us! We will check that you’ve met all of our requirements and that you have some familiarity with the airspace. One of our CFIs will do a short checkride with you to make sure you’re proficient and safe. Once you are cleared for rental, we’ll get you on the schedule to get you where you need to go!

Take Advantage with our Frequent Flyer Program

If you fly with Rogue, you should utilize our Frequent Flyer Program… the more you fly, the more you earn! For every five hours flown in an R22 you will receive $25 Reward Program Dollars, which can be spent on more Rogue Aviation Aerial services! See more here.


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