Rogue Aviation Helicopter Rentals



So you’ve got your helicopter pilot’s license, but no helicopter to fly? Put your license to use and check out our new Rogue Aviation Rental Program! Now, qualified pilots can rent our helicopters to help build hours toward advanced certificates, to visit new places or just for some flying fun! (Day trip to Catalina, anyone?!)

If you’d like to start renting Robinson Helicopters from Rogue Aviation, you first must meet some basic safety requirements. Our Rental Program policies ensure that safety is the first priority for all rentals.


If you are compliant with our requirements, have a pilot’s license and want to fly, the last step will be to take our aircraft specific checkout flight and an interview with a Rogue CFI. Don’t stress though... it’s not like a job interview! However, we will be assessing your qualifications, skills and competency in a variety of areas including basic protocols, emergency procedures, communication, decision making skills and more. (So maybe it’s a little like a job interview… but we love flying and offering our helicopters to fellow aviation lovers. We love it so much, we want you to be safe and prepared first and foremost!)

Our Rental Program policies are as much for the renter’s safety as anyone else you come across on the ground or in the sky! This checkout flight will be the last step to determine if you are eligible to be in the Rogue Aviation Rental Program and what rental tier you are qualified for. The more skilled of a pilot you are, the higher the rental tier you will have access to, and that means the more flexibility you’ll have with your flying privileges! If you are renting at a lower tier or don’t quite meet all of our requirements just yet, our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) will work with you to create an individualized training plan to prepare you to be a Rogue Renter!

Rogue Aviation currently rents our R22s. (Insider tip: We’ll have an R44 Raven II available for rent and training sooner than you think! Rogue Four: coming soon!)


Learn more about our Helicopter Rental Program (including qualifications and rental tiers)!