“ROGUE ONE” Requesting Departure!


As you may already be aware, every aircraft in the US gets a civilian registration number (also known as an “N-Number” or “tail number”) by the FAA. Think of it as a license plate… in the sky! This registration number is also the aircraft’s callsign. Unlike the license plate on your car, a pilot uses a callsign as a clear way of communicating to identify your ship with other aircraft, airport traffic and ground control.

While tail numbers are used as callsigns by default, many pilots don’t realize that you can also take things a step further and request unique callsigns. Recently, we were granted approval to use a company callsign for all current and future Rogue Aviation ships. As of March 15th, you can now officially call our ships by their awesome, new callsigns:


(Rogue Three and Four to come soon!)


The most obvious reason we did this is because it’s AWESOME to feel like we’re in Star Wars every time we’re on the radios! However, the real (and much more important) reason we decided to use these custom callsigns is that it will allow other pilots to know exactly who they’re talking to when we’re out flying. With safety, integrity and community being our core values, using the Rogue callsigns brings a higher level of accountability to our flying and to upholding these values as we train pilots, rent aircraft and more!

So, if you’re on the radios at John Wayne and hear, “Rogue One at Pad Four requesting departure,” you’ll know it’s us!

Welcome to the crew… ROGUE ONE and ROGUE TWO! Learn more about our ships here.