Rogue’s HAI Heli-Expo Recap

20171004-RA-003-Air Shoot-017.jpg

We were at the HAI Heli-Expo 2018 last week, and my oh my, did we have a good time! We flew out to Las Vegas (on a commercial flight… ew. Not our preferred style, but it was a little windy, so….#safetyfirst. Thanks, JetBlue!) and made our way to the convention center to bask in all the helicopter glory!

Our favorite helicopter to see in person was actually not the Airbus, (although that beast is AMAZING!) but it was the Bell 525 Relentless helicopter mockup. Bell first unveiled the 525 at the 2012 Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, but this was our first time being face to face with this massive, epic dream machine. It holds up to 20 passengers, 650 US gallons of fuel and can reach a max cruising speed of 160 kts! Yes, we now really, really, really, really want one in our fleet.  #lifegoals 🙏


We also got the opportunity to visit our good friends at GSS, who had a booth at the expo. They had an awesome set up with their Cineflex gimbal on display and unveiled their new branding, logo, and website!


Thanks to everyone who followed our journey on Instagram stories. (Don’t worry if you missed it! You can still check it out in our highlights section!) We had so much fun taking you guys around with us and giving out free swag! Follow us on Instagram for more aerial stories!