A Sneak Peak!!! (First Footage!)

It seems like just a few hours ago that we typed the sentence, "We can't wait to share the footage we got today with you!" (Probably because that was only like 10 hours ago!) Well, it turns out... we really couldn't wait, so we decided to put a little sneak peak/teaser together of our first day of flight! So, here it is... our first footage, Bay Area Aerial Teaser!

(Disclaimer: Obviously, as this is our first day playing and learning, this is just test footage and isn't production ready.)

Equipment used:

  • "Helena" (Robinson R66 Turbine Marine)
  • GSS C516 5-Axis Gyro Stabilized Gimbal (She still needs a name.)
  • "Veronica" (RED Weapon Helium 8K S35) 5K, 10:1 - scaled down to 1080p (1920x817)
  • Angenieux Optimo Style 25-250mm t/3.5 (Also, yet to be named!)

Music by CHPTRS - The Epilogue (Instrumental). Available on MusicBed and iTunes.

PS... In case you were wondering, yes... that was as amazing to shoot as it looks! (We may just have the best jobs in the world.)