Aerial Footage: What will you create?

If you’re a fan of our aerial footage, you might already know we offer footage in two forms: stock footage and custom footage!

In our FilmSupply archive, we offer clips of some incredible California locations, including Yosemite, Big Bear, Los Angeles, and Huntington Beach. Whichever direction your video is headed, maybe you need something edgy or soft and coastal, we have a wide variety. Over the years, we’ve highlighted some awesomely creative projects that have featured our stock footage. True crime podcasts, music videos, healthcare partnerships and more have all illustrated their stories with a slice of our aerials. The world is your oyster when filmmaking is at your fingertips!

Custom footage is just as fun. For brands like Ferrari of Newport Beach and Pacific Flight Aviation, it takes a helicopter to tell the whole story. A high vantage point and an afternoon shoot with filmmakers can bring your story to a whole new level. When you need a bigger stage to show what you’re really about, custom footage could be for you.


So who can use aerial footage? What can you do with aerial videos? The short answer is anyone and everything! Here are some ideas.

  • Athletic brands with a passion for BIG sports like racing, surf, snow, and more.

  • Website banners that need more movement and style.

  • Short films with establishing shots of cities and seasonal settings.

  • Commercials that are looking to make an impact alongside competitors.

  • Special events hoping to promote their event and mission.


What will you create with aerial footage?

Check us out on FilmSupply or contact us for something custom.