Cine Gear Expo Recap


Rogue Aviation recently exhibited at the 2018 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Pictures! This was an amazing weekend for professionals to engage in the technology, entertainment and media industries. We were happy to be there with our partners, GSS (Gyro-Stabilized Systems) in Booth B100 in what’s known as the “B-Tank” area.*

As a launching point for the aerial cinema production services branch of Rogue Aviation, we brought the whole cinematic show to Cine Gear! We wanted to share the projects and events we’ve worked on, as well as our entire cinema rig to show the capabilities of our equipment and talent.


We figured that if we were going to have a booth at Cine Gear, we should do it right! So, we shared our booth with GSS and brought a bunch of fun stuff including:

  • A photo booth in front of the helicopter for visitors to enjoy!
  • Our GSS Cinema Pro Gimbal and control board!
  • A reel of footage from recent events and projects!
  • A bunch of fun SWAG! (Pins, lanyards, stickers and more!)

Oh yeah… and we also brought Rogue One, our Robinson R66 Turbine Marine helicopter. (Yeah… we put a helicopter in our booth!) As it turns out, a big, bright orange helicopter is a pretty great conversation starter!



“We could not have predicted how amazing this experience would be! It was challenging to get Rogue One into Paramount, but it was well worth it and led to some great conversations and the opportunity to build new relationships.”

-Matt Barnes, Owner - Rogue Aviation



Check out some of our favorites moments from the event:



Watch our @RogueAviation Instagram Story Highlights for more behind the scene clips from our weekend!

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* Fun fact: The B-Tank is a giant blue parking lot with sloping sides so it can be filled with water for filming water scenes. The back of the tank features a giant blue-sky wall. (The “b” in “B-Tank” stands for “blue-sky.”) This lot can be flooded with up to 950,000 gallons of water and has been used most famously in movies like Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and The Truman Show as well as the “Waterfalls” music video by TLC!