Visit Us At Cine Gear Expo

Rogue Aviation Cinegear Promo Email Campaign (2).jpg

Paramount Pictures
Booth B100 / B Tank
June 1-2

The Cine Gear Expo is THIS week (June 1-2) and we're looking forward to partnering with Gyro-Stabilized Systems to bring you the latest and greatest in Aerial Cinema Productions.

Stop by for freebies, photo booth fun, fully interactive gimbals, OUR OWN ROBINSON R66 HELICOPTER and more!



  • A hands-on interactive GSS Cinema Pro Gimbal
  • Our R66 Turbine Helicopter (Yes! The orange helicopter will be there. You can't miss it.)
  • Helicopter photo-booth
  • GSS Cinema Mini
  • GSS Universal Lens Kit

We’ll be in Booth B100, in the B Tank at Paramount Pictures, stop by to check out our camera gear and what we'll have in store for this year.

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