Catch our clip in a snowy, podcast mystery: Up and Vanished!

Season two of “Up and Vanished,” the hard-hitting cold case podcast hosted by filmmaker Payne Lindsey, tackles the disappearance of mother and Colorado native Kristal Anne Reisinger. This summer, the “Up and Vanished” team released trailers to announce the podcast’s return. Twenty seconds in, our footage of the incredible, snowy Lake Tahoe sets the tone for the podcast’s latest installment.

“Up and Vanished” unveiled its first episode in August 2016 with the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. The series gained so much traction, investigators reopened the case less than a year later.

We’re big fans of “Up and Vanished,” so it’s pretty awesome seeing one of our captures help bring this real-life mystery to life. You can become a fan of the “Up and Vanished” series by checking out this teaser trailer above and listening here.

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