Rogue gets the Set 2 Cine experience

This summer, we interviewed with Set 2 Cine YouTube series, a hilarious and exciting new feature from Maxx Digital, an Orange County-based expert on video and photo storage solutions.

Hosts Stephen Balsley and Sean Barnhill met with Rogue Aviation Co-owner and Pilot Matt Barnes and Camera Operator Cory Hill at our hangar in John Wayne Airport. Check out the video above to learn how Matt and Cory began their cinematography work together, why we use helicopters over drones (hint: it’s more than just being super awesome) and more.

“It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever done…
We’re getting shots that other people can’t get.”

– Co-owner Matt Barnes

Plus, we took a first-time heli flier for a spin! We hope you had fun, Stephen!

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