Holy Bright Orange Helicopter!

20171004-RA-001-Air Shoot-052.jpg

If you’ve seen “Helena” (our R66), you may have asked yourself “Why the heck did you pick orange?”

Aside from orange being a bright and awesome color (duh!), it keeps us visible amidst other helicopters, planes, flying objects, drones, clouds and weather changes.  

Basically, we want to ensure you (and all those other pilots flying around!) can always see us in the sky!

We prioritize safety in every aspect of aviation and do not want to appear camouflaged, but rather bright and easily visible to our fellow pilots while in the sky. (You’re welcome!)

20171004-RA-001-Air Shoot-073-a.jpg

Okay, okay... there’s one more reason. We’ll be honest. It’s one of our owners favorite colors and he was really excited to have an orange helicopter! (C’mon, who honestly wouldn’t be excited to have an orange helicopter?! People think you’re cool. Or wait...is it that you think you’re cool? Hmmm, maybe both. You decide!)

Choosing orange is just one of the many safety precautions we’ve taken to make sure we’re the safest helicopter operation in the sky! Learn more about our commitment to safety.

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