Fly Rogue from SoCal’s Preferred Location!

20171004-RA-003-Air Shoot-018.jpg

Southern California has some of the busiest airspace in the country. With over six major airports in the SoCal region alone, you may wonder… where is the best place for a flight school to be located and why?

When we began Rogue Aviation last year, we wanted to create a flight school unlike any other! Our mission to see safety, integrity and community be at the forefront of our helicopter flight operations propelled us into finding the perfect location in Southern California.

That’s why Rogue Aviation is based out of the west side hangars of ACI Jet at John Wayne Airport. Why was this the perfect location for a flight school? Here are five reasons:

  1. First off, we chose John Wayne Airport not only because it is local to our Flight Instructors but also because it is central to Southern California. It’s an easy location to get to and definitely not as congested as somewhere like LAX. Our office space is right down the street from our hangar, making it super convenient for travelling and accessing the airport.

  2. Our helicopters are located inside of ACI Jet’s West Hangar at SNA. One big benefit this offers is in saving time and money. We tend to depart to the west the majority of the time for training. Taking off from the west side of the airport saves us tons of time (and frustration) of waiting for the aviation traffic to clear so that we can travel to the other side of the airport to take off.

  3. The west side of John Wayne Airport also has dedicated helicopter pads that are not available on the east side, making for easier arrivals and departures!

  4. Did we say community also? The west side of the airport has a strong helicopter community that you’ll get to know if you’re flying with Rogue Aviation. We’re actually neighbors with the Orange County Sheriffs and other private helicopter owners (that have some pretty cool ships to goggle at).

  5. Being inside of ACI Jet’s hangars comes with its own perks: they’re the biggest fixed-based operator (FBO) at John Wayne Airport! This means that they have a ton of different services, amenities and fuel trucks available to us!

We love being in Southern California and we love flying in Southern California! Come #FlyRogue and see why the west side is the best side!