Meet Our New CFI: John Alvarado


This week at Rogue Aviation flight school we’re sharing with you a new member of the crew and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), John Alvarado! We are very excited to have a new addition to the team, to train our students for their pilot certificates at John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California!


John, how long have you been a pilot for?

I have been a pilot off and on for about 7 years now.


What inspired you to become a pilot?  

I have always been interested in aviation. I love aircraft and flying ever since I was a little kid.


Is the job fun?

The job is a blast! It comes with cool people, cool places, and the best office view anywhere.


How often do you fly?

When things are going well, I fly multiple times a week.


How long did it take you to become a pilot?

It took about seven months to become a Private Pilot... then it took much longer to be an instructor!


What ship did you practice in?

I got trained in and now also teach in a Robinson 22 and 44 Helicopters.


What are you certified with?

I am certified as a Private Pilot and Flight Instructor.


What’s the best part of being a pilot?

Like I said, this job is a blast and has so many cool parts to it!


What’s the worst?

The worst part can be the inconsistency of the job.


Any other interesting facts about you we should know?

I played bass in a rock band for over 10 years.


Follow John’s aviation journey on his Instagram, and don’t forget to follow @rogueaviation for more updates!


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