Pilot-in-Training Profile: Camilla



Camilla Ma is proving to herself that she can do anything. We are very excited for her to earn her commercial pilot’s license and one day inspire more people to fly, just like she was inspired on her very first plane ride as a child.

Here is what Camilla had to say about why she flies with Rogue Aviation!


The first time I went on a plane that I can remember was when I flew from LAX to Beijing, and I remembered thinking how I would love to fly one day but thought it was impossible to do so. It seemed like one of those things that would be too difficult to accomplish. It wasn’t until high school that I found out about flight schools, and I realized I can achieve my goal of being a pilot. I signed up for a discovery flight as soon as I could.


After my first flight, I knew that I wanted to be a pilot as a career. It’s an amazing feeling of being in the air and looking at the landscape from a new perspective. Every flight offers new experiences, and I never thought I would be flying to different cities and exploring Southern California by air. I love sharing my passion for flying with friends and sharing the experience. I’m now training for my commercial pilot's license and would love to make a lifelong career out of flying.

Want to see Camilla’s personal flight progress? Check out her Instagram @camillama26.

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