Robinson 22 Helicopter: Parts and Pieces


Do you know your aircraft inside and out? Earning your pilot’s license takes more than just being able to fly a helicopter; you have to understand how each part supports the aircraft. For proper safety and maintenance, this is very important! Then, you’ll be one step closer to passing your test!

Below are some of the key instruments for R22 helicopters. These occupy the upper and middle instrument panels. Can you name all the numbered instruments on the photo? Guess the part, then scroll down the page to see the answers.

01-22-Name that Part.jpg



Gauges and Controls: Vertical Speed Indicator (1), Airspeed Indicator (2), Engine and Rotor Tachometer (3), Altimeter (4), Manifold Pressure (5), Clock (6), Carburetor Air Temperature (7), Ammeter (8), Oil Pressure (9), Auxiliary Fuel Tank Quantity (10), Oil Temperature (11), Main Fuel Tank Quantity (12), Cylinder Head Temperature (13), Panel Lights (14), Navigation Lights (15), Strobe Light (16), Clutch Switch (17), Alternator Switch (18), Master Battery (19), Cabin Air Vent (20)

Think you got them all?

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