Safety: Rogue Dispatch System


This blog entry is part of an ongoing series of blogs dedicated to the safety culture we’re creating here at Rogue Aviation. Read the overview for this series here!

Sometimes when we’re talking about safety, it’s easy for us to get focused on the obvious things like our rental program or additional training. But in order for us to truly create a culture of safety at Rogue Aviation, we also have to think of the things that might be problematic that aren’t as obvious. Take, for instance, something seemingly simple, like keeping track of all of our flights.

As Rogue Aviation continues to grow in flight training, tours, and aerial cinematography, we sometimes have dozens of flights taking place each week. It’s become more and more imperative for us to be able to know when these flights are happening, who is on board and whether flights have arrived safely at their destinations. Fortunately, we anticipated this and launched the Rogue Aviation Dispatch Web App late last year!


Rogue CFIs and renters are all required to participate in our dispatch program both on departure and arrival of each flight. This way, we know exactly when a flight departed, where it was headed, who was on board and when it arrived at its destination. If we don’t receive an arrival notice for a flight, we have all the info we need to immediately follow up with the flight. In fact, each Rogue helicopter has a placard reminding all pilots to file departure and arrival notices.

This may seem small, but it’s one more way that we can encourage good communication and a more thorough knowledge of our operations which allows us to operate more safely.