Rogue Four Takes To The Skies


Rogue Aviation is excited to announce a new addition to our ever-expanding helicopter fleet! Rogue Four, our gorgeous Robinson 44 Raven II, is the latest addition to the #FLYROGUE team, and she is ready to fly as soon as you are!

Why fly with Rogue Four? Unlike the two-seater R22, the R44 seats four! When you’re flying with your Rogue Flight Instructor, your family and friends can join you and see what flying a helicopter is all about. Show off your flight skills and give them the opportunity to see a whole new view of Orange County! Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to fly too!


Rogue Four comes to us fresh out of her first Robinson Helicopter Factory Overhaul (the most thorough overhaul option available) and we’ve never seen a cleaner, more beautiful R44! (She flies like a dream too!) Prior to completing her first 2,200 hours, Rogue Four served as air support for the Fontana Police Department. With her custom white and orange design (provided by our sister company, Rogue Creative Development and installed by SignPros), Rogue Four is sure to stand out in a crowd!

Rogue Four might even be the big sister to Rogue Two and Three. Compared to the R22, the R44 is a faster, easier to fly model (due to hydraulics, fuel injection and a higher-inertia rotor system). The Raven II variant of the R44 features a more powerful engine leading to a greater load capacity. On top of all of that… she’s got air conditioning! (Just in time for summer!) This speedy aircraft is ready to show flight students a thing or two!


Want to learn to fly in the R44? You can start today!
Book a discovery flight in Rogue Four for just $199 and discover your love for flight in the coolest new helicopter at Rogue Aviation.