Rogue Aviation Resources for Pilots-In-Training

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Attention aviators! The #FLYROGUE website just become even more useful! We added an all-new page for pilot resources, perfect for the flight student or the advanced pilot in need of a refresher. This awesome page will connect you with manuals, handbooks and more, all in one location for a safer, smoother, and more organized flying experience.

What will you find here?

Stay connected with your FAA MedXPress by clicking the link. You’ll be able to log-in directly to the FAA’s site to view your medical registration.

Since we fly Robinson helicopters, you’ll also find operating handbooks and maintenance manuals for the R22, R44 and R66 helicopters. Available for purchase or download, these documents review helicopter specs, safety instructions and more.

When you need to plan your next flight, visit the “Flight Planning Resources” for recommended apps and charts, including the ForeFlight app and the Aviation Weather Center provided by the National Weather Service.

For our flight students, we have a ton of test prep materials and handbooks direct from the FAA. If you’re preparing for your private, commercial or CFI test, or just want to review flight training, we have links to the most up-to-date study resources available to purchase as well as downloadable versions of the FAA’s Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Helicopter Flying Handbook.

You’ll also find links to all the must-have pilot gear, including our Rogue store, and a pilot logbook and headsets from Sporty’s.


Bookmark this site for easy access and stay connected to our blog and Instagram at @rogueaviation for more helpful tools and updates!