What to Expect: OC Triangle Tour


Let’s fly! We’re going on a tour over Orange County! Our adventure is just under 30 minutes, but it’ll pack in TONS to see.

So you’ve never been in a helicopter? Don’t be nervous. Today’s pilot is our Certified Flight Instructor John Alvarado. He trains our students to fly, so he’s definitely a pro at safety!

We’re meeting him just outside John Wayne Airport. He’ll take us through security to our waiting helicopter. You have your photo ID, right?

Look, there’s our helicopter! We’re taking Rogue Four. Isn’t she a beauty? She’s an R44, so we’ll have plenty of room. We should bring another friend next time!


John is going to review safety with us. That’s really important for us to be safe while still having fun.

Okay, buckle up! We’re taking off! We’ll first cross over to Santa Ana and head to Huntington Beach.


Check out the pier! I could definitely go for a Ruby’s burger right now. Looks like surfers are shredding down there, too. I bet it’s awesome flying over here during the U.S. Open.


Now we’ll head back down to Balboa Peninsula!

Before we start the last leg of our tour, look at some of these incredible houses in Corona Del Mar! I could definitely live out here.

Photo Apr 14, 11 18 19 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 14, 11 21 38 AM.jpg

We’re heading back to the airport now. Did you have a blast? Stay in the helicopter with your seatbelt on until John gives us the all clear.

And touch down! That was incredible. Can we go again?!