Safety: Creating a Safety Culture


This blog entry is part of an ongoing series of blogs dedicated to the safety culture we’re creating here at Rogue Aviation. Read the overview for this series here!

At Rogue Aviation, we’re a bit obsessed with safety. That can sound boring or like we’re trying to rain on your parade, but in reality, we’re just trying to keep everyone alive and enjoying the amazing opportunity to fly.

Obsession plays out in the way we study accident reports. After any aviation accident, the NTSB releases a report detailing the factors that caused the accident. These reports can provide vital insights into the mistakes pilots make that lead to accidents. It’s amazing to see how easy it is for a pilot to skip a step or take an unnecessary risk that leads to an accident.

This is why it’s SO incredibly important to create a culture of safety. When we talk about a culture of safety, we’re not just talking about running down checklists and checking the weather before we fly. (Though those are both excellent things to do!) We’re talking about having safety so ingrained in our pilots and our systems that we can eliminate as much risk as possible. A flight school with a culture of safety trains pilots to think critically in advance so that they can anticipate problems and address them before they come up. It also trains pilots to make decisions that will keep themselves and their passengers safe, even if those decisions are unpopular. (People don’t always appreciate when you cancel their flight due to inclement weather.)

Rogue Aviation is on a mission to create a culture of safety for our pilots. We believe that culture must continually grow and improve as we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others, and we are dedicated to providing the safest flying experience available for our Pilots-in-Training, renters and tour passengers.

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